Mission, Vision and information about PTTB (Polish Association of Business Trainers)


Who are we and what do we try to accomplish?


We believe that the business world should not only be effective, but also smarter.

In order to teach a wise approach to business, we combine two perspectives: the business perspective and the educational perspective*.Our goal is to educate: to promote reliable knowledge, develop useful skills at work, and above all promote attitudes based on high ethical standards and a wise understanding of business. Our teaching is based on proven, evidence-based solutions and knowledge.

We believe that thanks to this approach, business will work smarter with people and create value for people.

(* We bring together not only managers and trainers, but also mentors, project leaders, teachers, designers, facilitators, moderators, coaches, team members and anyone who shares knowledge and experience and shapes skills in their work.)

We achieve our goals through organising regular lectures, seminars and workshops which aim to enhance the knowledge and to develop useful skills.

We pay attention not only to the quality of the work we promote, but also to ethical standards related to the job.


Management team:

Honorary Member

  • Prof dr hab. Dariusz Doliński
  • Dr hab. Małgorzata Sidor-Rządkowska
  • Dr Paweł Fortuna
  • Dr Sławomir Jarmuż
  • Andrzej Szastok


Our values:


Our main principle is the use of knowledge and methods by adults conducting education that are verified at the highest possible level of the scientific evidence pyramid. At the same time – avoiding methods that science denies, despite individual positive experiences.

It is important for us to have clear and transparent communication in all activities and to ensure that all PTTB members have access to information.

We are real, without putting on masks, hiding real intentions and without a haughty attitude. We are aware that this can often mean hard work and „upstream” activity.

We cooperate with others for the common good, which is wise education and shaping a rational society. We share knowledge, support each other in development and do not support particular interests.

We believe that business is created by people and that is why we put human development in the organization first, and this means that we use tools and methods that favor man and his development, and implemented actions are ethical.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT                                                                 

We perfectly understand the importance of business interests, but we want business to meet  its needs and not reduce the chances of other people and future generations.


Our Projects:

  • Motivational conference (link)
  • “Book for trainer” competition
  • “A good place for training” award


Our Partners:

Polish Ministry of Development, Polish Agency for Development and Entrepreneurship, The Banking College, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities HR Poland, Harvard Business Review


Contact details:

Polskie Towarzystwo Trenerów Biznesu (Polish Association of Business Trainers)
ul. Cienista 4, 60-587 Poznań
phone: + 48 603 933 917
phone:  + 48 507 162 320